Acuerdo de pago de impuesto predial para locales residenciales y comerciales

We pay your
property tax bill now.

You pay us back
over time.

Get your monthly installment quote in a matter of minutes. You might be surprised at how low your monthly payment can go

Your tax office may offer delinquent tax installment plans that may be less costly to you. You can request information about the availability of these plans from the tax office.

What is a property tax installment agreement?

If you are a property owner, you may have heard of a property tax installment agreement. But what is it? A property tax installment agreement is a payment plan that allows you to pay your property taxes in installments. This can be a great way to budget for your property taxes and avoid a large lump sum payment.


You benefit from the following:

Convenient installments

Pay off your property tax debt in convenient monthly installments. Goodness, what a feeling!

Lower payments

Make your payments more affordable by extending the payback period.

Save on penalties

Save hundreds, even thousands, on county penalties. High five on that.

Personal & Commercial real estate

Can be used for your primary home, investment, and/or business real estate.

All credit and income levels welcome

Protect your home from taxing authority lawsuits and foreclosure. Yikes!

Save on penalties

No credit check. No income verification. No assembling mounds of paperwork. It's a headache no one wants, right?

Pay off anytime. And, definitely, zero prepayment penalties.


You’re not alone...

As of Feb 2022, unpaid taxes in Texas reached almost
425,000 accounts that totaled almost 2 billion dollars.*


Just three small steps for you,
one giant leap for tax debt freedom.



Set up Your Installment

You, the property owner, agrees to a monthly installment plan that fits your and your family or business’s budget…and without any required upfront fees or money — nada, zilch, zero, cero, nil, scratch.


Your Taxes are Paid

We will pay all your tax collectors the delinquent property taxes owed —including any county penalties and lawsuit fees. Every. Cent. The county, in turn, uses these proceeds to fund schools, streets, roads, police, fire protection and many other services.


Make Your Monthly
Installment Payments

Make your monthly principal and interest payments by mail, online 24/7 or by phone — just as you do with all your other bills. No hassles. Quick, easy, reliable, secure and predictable.

Benefits associated with FundingBird

All these benefits witthout creating new debt. The delinquent taxes will simply
be transferred, and you will have the flexibility to pay it back with installments.

Some of Our Most Frequent Tax Offices

tax debt free

Thousands of Texans have used this service to pay their residential and commercial property taxes.

Call or text us today at 877-226-0007 and see just how easy it is to solve your tax problem. Or, simply click on the button below.

Am I Eligible?

Keeping it simple…because we hate a lot of paperwork.

And, after all, your property is security enough. That’s one of the main reasons FundingBird has only two main eligibility requirements (yep, only two):



Property owner(s) must
be 18 – 63 years old



Taxes and penalties owed should be less than 1/3 of property value

Don’t worry, we’ll help you calculate this!



Property owner(s) must
be 18 – 63 years old



Taxes and penalties owed should be less than 1/3 of property value

Don’t worry, we’ll help you calculate this!

That’s right! If you meet these two requirements, you’re most likely eligible.*

Layer 1 2
If you’ve received a postcard in the mail from us,
chances are you meet criteria #2 (yippee!)
* Additional underwriting considerations include: property condition, only Texas markets are eligible with at least 50K population, less than $200K in taxes owed,
signee(s) must be the actual property owner(s) or legal guardian(s) of estate, property value must typically be assessed for at least $50K. Special purpose commercial and land evaluated on a case-by-case basis. No mobile homes permitted. Subject to change without notice.
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Like you, other Texans are experiencing
the same challenges.

There are more than half a billion dollars in installment plans
active as of 2021.*


This plan might be right for me…
if one or more of the following apply:

If I owe past due property taxes in Texas.
If I want to take better control of my money.
If I cannot (or prefer not to) make one big, overwhelming payment for all my property tax debt.
If I want to protect my most valuable asset (my home!) — especially from county lawsuits and foreclosure.
If I am between 18 and 63 years old.
If I am tired of worrying about my past due property tax debt.
If I find it more convenient to pay my property taxes in monthly installments rather than all at once.
If I want the flexibility of being able to pay off my installment plan anytime and without prepayment penalties.


This plan might be right for me…
if one or more of the following apply:

  • PEACE OF MIND after knowing your taxes are paid
  • Feeling IN CONTROL with a predictable monthly payment
  • REDUCED STRESS. Your taxes are paid for the year…Whew!
  • SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT.  that you’ve taken action and are making steps toward zero debt
Group (2)
  • RELIEF of not having to worry about your tax debt
  • Feeling SECURE that your home is not in jeopardy
  • PROUD that you have successfully paid your property taxes
  • NO MORE WORRIES about paying the county for the rest of the year


Who is FundingBird?

FundingBird is a friendly, modern brand to help consumers deal with a very stressful situation. Our customers are looking for a reputable and safe company with an easy, and non-threatening process to help them through their financial predicament.

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